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Is there the perfect place to retire?

You can’t know for sure, but I suggest you start with Alicante. It meets the main requirements to be an international meeting place, open to all cultures that respect each other.
You cannot say this from other places and it is difficult to find today.

We are talking about Alicante city, Urbanova, Los Arenales del Sol, Gran Alacant and Santa Pola. All coastal areas, with incredible services, urban transport, road connection, airport, sea routes and a highly recommended quality of life.
Whether you like the city and being in the center of all the action, Alicante City offers you a gobal environment, restaurants at the highest level and lots of action. A place to buy a second-hand home and rebuild in a custom home for you.


Santa Pola, Gran Alacant and Urbanova are coastal areas and offer a quieter life. Gran Alacant offers a similar activity throughout the year, on the contrary, Santa Pola is very quiet in winter and is completed during the summer.

Talking with an agent is vital to decide where you will live better, if you already have a decision, you can search through our properties to see the offer and choose the type of housing. I will personally take care of finding similar homes and in legal conditions for your purchase.

In 360 Alicante web, we have Virtual Tours in our homes and you can visit the houses from the comfort of your computer. As we speak, I can show you the houses and filter exactly what you will see on your visit to Spain. Without surprises and without egaños, everything as it has seen it in our Virtual Tour.

My name is David Allard and I am at your disposal to talk and show you the homes that best suit your needs.

I await your email,

Kind Regards,


Are you in Alicante?

I recommend calling this restaurant in Santa Pola for an extraordinary experience.


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