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house for sale guardamar

house for sale guardamar


House For Sale Guardamar

A 330 days per year perfect climate, clean fresh air and a quiet environment makes this area the most suitable place to retire or spend you holidays with your family and friends.

House For Sale Guardamar Located next to a landscape of a peculiar and rare beauty: The Natural Park of the salt lakes of La Mata and Torrevieja, as well as being a protected natural environment, providing a special micro-climate to the area which makes of it one of the most important tourist destinations and major health of Europe.



The Pinewoods of Guardamar is a suitable place where to have family picnics, exercise or just to mingle with nature while walking or cycling. This type of landscape is where the work of the man merges with nature, making this area unique and worthy of being a historic landmark.

house for sale guardamar

house for sale guardamar

The beaches of Guardamar and La Mata are vast stretches of fine sand very similar to those ones shown on postcards from and paradisiacal remote places.

The Vega Baja orchards are the most successful of Spain thanks to fertile soil and Mediterranean climate. This makes local cuisine something unique and gives a calm to the area landscape. Some citrus and vegetables from this area like oranges, lemons, artichokes, melons, tomatoes and lima beans, are very popular products in this area due to their freshness and intense flavor. Most municipalities surrounding the location of Design Villas have an ancient agricultural tradition from which can be enjoyed every time you visit the popular markets,colorful and busy street teeming with top quality products.



If one of his passions is the sea, now is the time to enjoy it. In the coastal towns of Torrevieja, Guardamar and Mata you will have the opportunity to go windsurfing, sailing, jet skiing, fishing, etc. There are also boat trips for recreational diving and ferries bound for the beautiful Tabarca Island, one of the jewels of the Costa Blanca.

Take a break and devote time to your family.

house for sale guardamar

house for sale guardamar

Start enjoying life as you and yours really deserve.



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