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How could any foreigner possibly do all necessary paperwork, without support, after buying a house in Spain?


Fantastic day at Santa Pola, managing the Property purchased by our last client!

Santa Pola

Santa Pola


How could any foreigner possibly do all necessary paperwork alone and without any support after buying a house in Spain? It has been a hard week, taking care that every single formal document related to the house sake is completed correctly and also preparing all the tax forms etc… to give to the Registry office in Santa Pola.

I can speak the language and I know what to ask for, but, even with this advantage, most of the time it is difficult to complete everything, with absolute perfection.

One of my goals is to make sure that every single client understands that Spain is a very good option for retirement, even more so after buying a property. I want good feedback from clients, but more important still, is to ensure they have a positive experience when buying, so that they talk about Spain in a positive way. When we talk about properties or developments ‘For Sale’, it Is very easy to remember the bad news, focused on by the media – unhappy buyers and bankrupt companies.

With every single sale, I like to imagine that there will be one more happy owner, telling only good news about their experience in Spain, the outstanding properties available there and the Estate Agent who helped them through the process.

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