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Where is this Estate Agent Coming From?


Kauf unseres Ferienhauses in Santa Pola

Kauf unseres Ferienhauses in Santa Pola

Have you ever asked youself this question? Is it more important to you to know who are you giving your personal details and budget to, or whether the property you want to buy seems good?


I recently had a meeting with the owner of a large construction company. Keeping new developments up to date, is really difficult and takes a a lot of my time. We have to sell properties to people who trust our recommendations and sometimes it is really difficult to have confidence in some construction companies. Warnings and bad experiences from the past can destroy your relationship with the person who is selling you the property. The root cause could be a dishonest, development company.

On the other hand, in a similar sort of way, developers don’t always trust Estate Agents. Unfortunately, Estate Agents don’t always have a good reputation either. Some Estate Agents try to procure a lot of sales in a short time and this causes them to make mistakes, leaving buyers unhappy, sometimes without deeds, or Habitation Certificates, or without even a house built on the plot they have bought.

So, I’m happy to see that after all these years, there is a good feeling of progress and improvement in everything related to property sale services. The best companies are working hard to perfect every single detail in the selling process.

There are now houses being built that smell like a home, with specially-designed fragrances to produce a welcoming sensation, helicopter tours of the area for big investors and, more importantly, build quality which is creating a huge difference between the big companies.

But is there anything they can do if the Estate Agent is focused on the commission more than getting the best for his clients? Treating them like family, being there in good and bad moments, not giving up at the first difficult moment, or leaving the customer feeling abandoned…. this is what an Estate Agent must do.

It is difficult to talk to somebody just over the phone, not even face to face, and be able to feel you trust them, but this is what an Estate Agents, must do.

Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ give you some tools to see what people think about Estate Agents, or Companies. Testimonials and feedback are the best way to know what your Estate Agent has been doing in the past. This is what we hold as the key to our future.

Our clients will either make us grow, or will send us back to school!




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