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Autumn Sunshine

With family over to enjoy the last days of warm sunshine before returning to the relative gloom of the UK, we’ve spent this week strolling along promenades, eating out on terraces and visiting markets. We were particularly impressed last night with Elche’s medieval market, which is framed perfectly by the Moorish architecture of the Calahorra and the Basilica in Elche’s historic centre. Stalls selling a range of arts and crafts in keeping with a simpler era, with troubadours and performing players in traditional, medieval dress, provide an experience well worth a yearly visit. 360 Alicante Invest


On the finance front, problems in the Eurozone and talk of quantitive easing before the end of the year, have meant that sterling has received yet another boost in the currency race with the euro. You could save several thousand pounds when buying your Spanish home because of this.

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