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Steps to take before buying your home in Spain.

After all these years as a real estate agent, I have frequently put myself in the position of the client. I have offered my services and built a Real Estate Agency, with the objective of being more attractive and accessible to whoever finds us.

For this reason, I present a list of steps that I would recommend to anyone interested in buying a home abroad.


Most of my clients are passing through a time of uncertainty, in which the vote on the UK referendum creates certain questions for them when buying property. The truth is that the negative aspect of change loses strength when you look at the large number of residents already abroad, who happy with their investment.


Prepare a budget and calculate the exchange rate. This is a recommended task that will save you making too many viewings and help agents and yourself to focus the search for the ideal property. There is nothing like having a list of homes, which are not focused on your needs. This will only frustrate you and waste your time.
Consider mortgage costs, taxes, insurance and maintenance for the most accurate estimate possible.


Search Agent
Talk to Real Estate Agents prior to making your viewings. This will help you to create a list of recommended properties and will make the buying process safe, with no surprises.
Talking to others who have already bought and recommend the Agent, will save much time. Buyers are very demanding and want a trusted person in a foreign country, often unknown to them. If, after the purchase, the Agent has maintained contact and does not instantly disappear from the scene, this will be a good indication that the agent is customer-focused.



When you buy a property in Spain, especially a previously-owned one, a lawyer is necessary. He/she will recommend the required steps to follow before making a purchase . Not all houses are in perfect legality and it can sometimes be difficult to access a choice of housing. Many homes have been built in times when permits and certificates  were not so many necessary as today. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out the process of proof of full legality for greater investment security. When we buy a new property, standard contracts and more security are readily available in those construction companies which have made a name for themselves over a period of more than 25 years.


Where to buy
In most cases, buyers decide on towns and cities that they have already heard of, or where they have friends or family. They have some knowledge of the area and choose it as a place to buy.
I can see that when you do not have this preconception, the search often tends to be more effective. Strategic locations are chosen – near the airport or hospitals; near the coast, but not necessarily near the sea; an urban community, providing an active population throughout the year and with quality services.
In the early years of acclimatization before retirement, using properties as a vacation spot is common and the appropriate links must be properly made. The freedom to travel to Alicante and enjoy the weekend on the Costa Blanca is highly demanded and one of the main reasons for purchase.







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