This coming Sunday, 8th May, 2016, we return to Tabarca once again, to enjoy its incredible marine-life in the best possible way – swimming with friends, whose principal goal is to marvel at this natural environment and respect it 100%.

This event is a coming-together of a large number of swimmers, non-competitive, but still in need of health and safety support, which will be provided by a team of kayakers. Even though we will not be swimming more than 50m from the shore, we still welcome this support, as part of the agreement with the maritime authorities to allow us to take part in this paradisiacal, training exercise.






The organisers of this training exercise will provide for the participants, a zone on the beach with complimentary refreshments, including water, energy drinks and fruit, and also a changing area. There will also be a commemorative t-shirt and swimming cap for the participants and any other free gifts that the Tabarca Group receives from its sponsors. For the different distances, swimmers will be grouped, according to their ability, so that no swimmer becomes separated from the main group, thus making the event safer and more enjoyable.




There are three different distances:


1) 6.5km – recommended for swimmers, with experience at long-distance swimming. There will be refreshments on the beach at 4.5km.




2) 4.7km – recommended for intermediate swimmers, who have had some experience swimming in open waters. There will be refreshments available on the beach at 3km.




3) 3.2km – recommended for swimmers new to open waters. It’s also recommended for Junior swimming club or triathlon club members. These swimmers will get special attention from the kayakers, who will follow them throughout the swim. On finishing the distance, refreshments will be available.



Subscription quota complete:

We have filled the subscription quota for this event. However, there will be a similar event in the autumn and we are relying on your support. More information will be available soon. Thank you for your interest.

From the Natura Sport team.


Sailing to Tabarca:

In order to reach the island early in the morning and take advantage of calmer waters, we will be departing at 8:30 from the Tabarca ferry, quay area in Santa Pola.




The price of the crossing is 15€ and this must be paid at the ticket office (this is not included in the subscription cost), so it is important to arrive punctually and have the exact fare ready, if possible, in order to speed up the boarding process. As there is a legal maximum limit of 200 passengers for the Tabarca ferry, there will be a list of participants and companions, so that only they will board the ferry. The return ferry from Tabarca to Santa Pola, in accordance with the normal return timetable:


  • 10:30
  • 12:15
  • 13:45
  • 16:45
  • 17:30



Here’s to hoping that we all fulfill our passion for swimming in open waters in this privileged environment and enjoy the companionship of other like-minded swimmers!




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