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The Lysmon Altabix Children’s School has 400 m2 of surface, spacious and bright classrooms with direct access to the garden.


Children's School

Children’s School



The “Lysmon Method, Smart Education” aims to be the vehicle to achieve the child’s integral development. The methodology is based on recent pedagogies, such as emotional education, multiple intelligences, early stimulation, positive discipline and the pedagogy of calm. Showing them tools for life, whose main ingredients are love, respect, empathy and calm.

Our methodological basis is mainly to help them build self-confidence and show them tools for life, the way they can understand their own learning through games, an educational principle that allows to explore, manipulate, experiment, invent, discover and create new mental schemes. Working from a global perspective, through various workshops and activities, cooperatively, playfully, dynamically and participatively, the child is the real protagonist of their learning. A meaningful learning that connects with our needs, interests and the way we see the world.





We have all the educational resources for the best education.
Our families are a fundamental pillar for the children’s development that’s why their collaboration and participation in this learning process is essential.”






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